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Jack’s Point Village Development

Located in the heart of Jack’s Point, 10 minutes from Queenstown airport, a vibrant Village community is being built around Lake Tewa.

The Village will comprise a mix of luxury boat houses, affordable apartments, restaurants, cafés, quality retail and small innovate businesses, creating an exciting work and lifestyle mix.

Earlier this year Jack's Point Village Developments Limited (JPVDL) acquired the Club House and approximately 6.5 ha of the Jack's Point Village Activity Zone from Torchlight Fund. JPVDL is a subsidiary of the NZ Land Fund No.2 LP, an investment partnership led by Darby Partners, the original developers of the Jack's Point community. Darby still retains ownership of the Jack's Point golf course and large area of the adjoining Henley Downs farm but divested his other real estate interests in Jack's Point back in 2007 to Residential Communities Limited (RCL), an Australian listed property company. With Jack's Point now largely complete and sold down, RCL's development focus has now moved to the adjoining undeveloped residential zoned land north of the Village that was formerly part of Henley Downs farm.

Jack's Point commenced in 2002 and its 712 residential lots are now largely sold with over 300 homes complete or in construction. This combined with the adjoining Hanley residential neighbourhoods’ will ultimately see over 3000 homes in the Jack's Point zone, approximately three times the size of Arrowtown.

Jack's Point Village Development Ltd will be led by Mike Coburn, an original partner and director of Jack's Point. Development will be staged in balance with residential growth and demand for visitor accommodation, commercial space, education facilities, staff and retirement housing. Stage 1 of the Village comprises 3.5ha of land adjoining Lake Tewa and the beginning of a "main street" either side of the existing Clubhouse Road. Construction of stage 1 roading and infrastructure will commence this winter followed by buildings in early spring. Key elements provided for in stage 1 are:

  • 172 Visitor accommodation rooms ranging from affordable family units through to boutique hotel rooms and over the water luxury boat houses (160 rooms and 12 boat houses).
  • 120 Residences ranging from cottages, terrace and courtyard homes through to multilevel apartments suitable for first homes, retirement living and staff housing.
  • 30 "Main Street" Mixed Use Lots ranging from 300 to 400m2 each, permitting 3 to 4 level buildings entitled for mix of retail, office, visitor accommodation and residential living.

Estimated completed value of Stage 1 land and buildings is NZD 120 million. A number of local businesses, new tenants and development partners have already registered interest in, or committed to Stage 1 properties. The JPVDL Development team are particularly keen to provide for the needs or requirements of local businesses or residents in the first stage of the Village settlement.

For further information, visit www.jackspoint.com